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2020- a year to remember

2020 has been without a doubt one of the most trying years for most of us. This can be seen and felt in so many ways whether it's through financial constraints, health concerns, lifestyle change hardships and so much more. How have you dealt with some of these struggles that you or a loved one may have experienced to keep you pushing forward?

Coping with this added stressors has proven quite difficult for myself and most people around me. From someone who's suffered with depression and anxiety for a majority of their life, this year has not helped that whatsoever. From the worries and fears that arise from simply paying bills, maintaining a safe head space, the inability to move around freely and overall current state of the world as a whole, there's much to make your mind go in a bit of a tailspin.

Early on in the year, what's helped me has been to try to somehow find the positive from this year and make the most of what situation is presented currently. For me personally, I was fortunate enough to maintain a job but transition working from home. This allowed me to really dive deep and get to know myself on a deeper level mentally and physically. I've discovered my passion for gardening, ventured into the virtual therapy world and tried to check things off of my list that had been there for months and months. Things I never had enough "time," to do. Such as cleaning out the garage, organizing all of my cabinets, purging my closet etc. Additionally I chose to focus on developing existing relationships even further. That included my family, friends and partner. Once I began to try to focus on a few of the positives that the year had presented the opportunity for, my mind began get at ease.

Unfortunately, that's just not an option for so many other's out there at this time. This year has been nothing if a huge reminder of why this nonprofit was created and a harsh reality check of just how necessary it is for us to help one another. If we can't be there to pick each other up, we will never make it through this crazy time. I've never felt more encouraged and motivated to reach more people and help than I am now.

-Bria Cole

RQFEOC founder/president

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