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Laura Oakman: Networking and Mentorship

Key takeaways from discussion at TX Women's Conference: “Want to not focus on the DO, but the WHO” not letting what you do as a job etc define you.. who are you?

Her story: She was on a plane one day that was going down, thought she was going to die and she just didn’t care... Start then vowed to focus on creating a life that she’d care if the plane was going down.

Her perspective changed to where she didn’t wake up upset that she didn’t know what makes her happy but she instead woke up thinking wow I don’t know what makes me happy and I’m excited about that, this is an opportunity to begin journey to find this out.

Don’t hide behind everyone else’s story, find your own

How many connections are you missing by being afraid to talk with someone

When you’re building those relationships do not have an agenda. Ask the question to someone: “if you really want to get to know me, you need to know this___”

Allow yourself to connect on a deeper level♥️

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