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Megan Rapinoe Discussion

Megan Rapinoe: co caption and mvp of the USA soccer team that just won the 2019 World Cup spoke this morning at the Tx Women's Conference

! Key takeaways were:

“You can’t be anyone other than yourself. When you try to be, you’re left wanting more. Be exactly who you are”

Working in teams: you don’t need to be best friends. You need to have a sense of respect, admiration and care, that is most important. No one person can do it all, make sure to encourage and make them feel valued and confident.

How to instill confidence in team: recognizing and nurturing everyone and letting everyone know they are appreciated. Everyone brings something to the team and has their own unique qualities. Lead by example and give everything you have.

Why risk criticism for things that don’t effect you? Ex: racial injustice...”in your daily life or not these things effect and impact you. If I’m going to ask others to be an ally as a gay women in society I need to get behind others and be an ally to them. When everyone’s healthy and happy everyone thrives”

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